Pakistan Canvas and Tents Manufacturers and Exporters Association
15/63, Shadman Commercial Market, Afridi Mansion, Lahore.
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(Under Rule 2(1)(1) and Rule 23(1) of Trade Organization Rules 2013 as audited by a
firm of chartered accountants)
(For the Year 2022)
Sr. Activities Time FrameFinancial ImpactIntended Goals
No.Date of commencement Date of accomplishment
1MEMBER SHIP DRIVE01-Jan-2230-Mar-22increase in revenue1. Increase in membership throughout Pakistan.  2. Facilitate the Business Community of Canvas and Tents Products.                                                   3. To play our part in Documentation of economy. 4. To promote the Industry by creating more and more awareness about the potential of canvas and Tents products.
2Analaysis Committee01-Feb-2225-Feb-22 PKR    20,000.00To anaylize the Performance of Year 2021 Plan of Activity and remedial measures taken on the basis of proposals generated by the analysis comitee on 2021
     To indentify the heardles in the implimentation of prposals and Plan of Activity for year 2021
     To analize the impects of new policies of government to make new proposal for the upcoming Budget
     To inform member about the improvements by the different activities of Association
3Members Information Updation Management Process01-Mar-22through out
the year
 PKR  150,000.00Members will be updated on regular basis about the Ongoing and Upcoming Challenges of The emerging situation of the National and International Markets.                                                               
     Members will be updated about new changes in the Government Laws of doing Business.   
     Changes  in Income Tax, Sales Tax, Custom duty and other Federal and Provincial Levey’s which are integral part of the business management will also be updated to the Members of association.
     New Development in the Government Policies and Notifications will Also be Communicated to the members for timely Action and compliance
     An update record of Trade inquiries will be maintained and Communicated to the members of Association  to respond timely and help them develop their Business.  
     The opportunities available for Joint ventures and Match Making will also be communicated to the members help induct there share in the Growth of the Economy of the Country
     Members will also be kept informed about the upcoming Fairs, Exhibitions and Trade delegations
     The Updation of relative national and international news and views about the industry will also be made to the members react timely
     Members will also be taken on board for their input the current matters about there business by issuance of notices and circulation of minutes  of meetings
     Training sessions and awareness programs will also be held on various topics to improve the abilities of the business community
     All the relevant information and reports about the above mentioned activities will also be updated on the website of the association to keep members informed, and to make it available for future reference for the members of Association as well as other interested people.
4Awareness sessions & training workshops01-Apr-22through out
the year
 PKR  120,000.00Single Day Training  workshops will be held every monthly basis or atlases twice in every quarter of the year
      Introduction of modern techniques and effective Safety Measures.
     These Sessions and Workshops will increase awareness about emerging business opportunities available in the global economy
     New Policies and opportunities introduces by Ministry of Commerce and The Textile division specifically.  
     The matters of Taxation and fiscal policies will also be discussed her to keep members Informed and updated
5Circulation of information and Trade Inquiries from national and International Buyers01-May-22through out
the year
 PKR    35,000.00To help create ease in doing business our Association is readily engaged in the process of creation awareness about changes in government policies, laws, and new notifications regarding day to day business activities.
     Trade Inquiries from different national and International Buyers will be circulated through Postal Mail, and email.
     A new section will be created on the website of PCTMEA for these relative information and trade inquiries, which will make it easy for the members and concerns in real-time tracking and follow up.
6Trade Delegations, Exhibitions & Fairs 01-Jun-2230-Oct-22 PKR  140,000.00Members will be encouraged for Maximum participation in  trade delegations, national and international exhibitions and fairs. 
6AEXPO PCTMEA01-Oct-2230-Oct-22 PKR  500,000.00Expo PCTMEA will be Orginzed in Lahore in October 2022. We will make best possible effort to motivate our members for participation in this Event. 
     This will increase the potential of business growth and will open the doors towards new traditional and untraditional markets
     Trade Delegations are a unique mode of B2B Interaction, that results in business expansion as well as new joint ventures.
     These Trade delegations and fairs can also help in direct and indirect investment in the country.
     This interconnection will result in reduction in unemployed fresh graduates youth.
7Meetings & Functions01-Oct-2215-Dec-22 PKR  135,000.00PCTMEA will make Arrangements to Organizing or participation in Meetings on different important issues at their Head office and Zonal Office simultaneously
     • These meetings will include Pre budget meeting to generate Proposals for Budget 2022-2023 and rationalization of Tariff on
  textile products.
     Post budget Seminar/Meeting to discuses the impacts of budget on business and its implementation.  
     Meeting to Generate Proposals to explore new Markets and to enhance the existing export of country for Ministry  of Commerce & Textile.
     • Meetings with Ministries of Commerce & Textile; Finance & Federal Board of Revenue; Trade Development Authority of Pakistan etc.
     meetings for Settlement of pending Refunds and 1% Adhoc Relief funds with concerned departments
8Interconnecting the industry with the Educational Institutions14-Nov-2201-Dec-22 PKR  100,000.00Connection between Industry and Educational Institutions is the basic key to produce perfectly match technical personnel for the growth of industry. 
     This Interconnection will not only help industry to acquire the exact required human resource but also to create job oriented technical education model, which will help our youth to excel in perfect direction